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Wild! 800s

NatureWild! 800
Producer: Executive Program Services with Sky Vision, UK
Rights: 6 Releases, 2/1/14 to 1/31/16
10 x 60
High Definition


Wild!, a proven winner with audiences of all ages across the country, is the series of wildlife and nature documentaries from the world’s finest natural history producers now going in it’s 8th season – all in High Definition!

Keeping viewers enthralled with the sights and sounds of wild things large and small, Wild! is precisely what public television audiences expect from their local stations…quality television.

Individual films are selected from the international market place, to choose the topics and the filmmaking style that is sure to appeal to viewers.


801 – Megafalls of Iguaco: Five times the size of Niagara, these awesome waterfalls are also home to one of the richest habitats on Earth: 2000 species of plants, 450 species of birds, 50 different mammals and more reptiles and insects than anyone has been able to count.

802 – Penguins Under Siege: This is one penguin’s dramatic story of life and death, set against the backdrop of one of the harshest coastlines in the world, the Skeleton Coast of South Western Africa. (TRT: 50:29)

803 – Sea Eagle: Amidst the bleak and unwelcoming wintry landscapes of Central Europe remains one of Europe’s last surviving birds of prey…the white tailed eagle. Despite their legendary strength, the future of the sea eagle remains uncertain, as they come face-to-face with the harsh reality of nature and the threat of humans. We follow two young birds, as they fight to stay alive in a world of danger and on a journey that only the fittest survive.

804 – Giant Otters: Diane McTurk is an inspirational woman. At the age of 74 she is famous for her successes with the rehabilitation of rescued, orphaned giant otter pups. We follow her as she goes in search of an otter she hasn’t seen for a year. Having to face caiman, predatory fish and territorial wild otters, what are their chances of survival once they are ready to leave her care?

805 – Cry of The Wolves: The river Jordan runs in deep valleys through this mountainous landscape, providing shelter for a variety of animals that in turn feed the wolves. We follow the story of one particular pair of wolves as they meet and start a family, the beginnings of a new pack.

806 – Valley of The Golden Baboon: Marvel at this epic story, seen through the eyes of the king of the resident golden baboons in the Luangwa Valley, one of the last true wildernesses in Africa. It appears to be an idyllic setting, but below this tranquil scene, is a concentration of animal drama found nowhere else in Africa.

807 – Lions Behaving Badly: Instead of ambushing their prey and quickly despatching with a clean bite to the throat, these lions wrestle their victim to the ground and tuck in before the hapless beast is dead, meaning a slow and painful death. Are these lions behaving badly, or is it simply that this is what lions do?

808 – Porpoises in Peril: Porpoises are the smallest members of the whale family. By following the struggles of two babies on opposite sides of the world, we see their dramatic lives.

809 – Polecats: Masked Raiders: Only a hundred and fifty years ago, polecats were amongst the most common predators throughout the British Isles. At that time, they were familiar to country-dwellers as the “Masked Raiders”. By the end of World War I, these beautiful, enigmatic animals had been brought to the very brink of extinction. The causes of such a rapid decline in numbers makes for a classic tale of conflict between carnivores and people. This film tells the dramatic story of how these enigmatic animals survived.

810 – Spain’s Last Lynx: The Iberian lynx is on the brink of extinction. These majestic predators are top of the food chain in a land where hungry eyes are always watching. The threats of hunting have reduced their population to less than 200. This film gives us an intimate view of this most gracious of predators.

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